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Krya Single Estate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a family product.

Quality olive oil production has been in the family for generations and something we are very proud of. We have been growing organic olive oil since 1995 and in the last 3 years we have turned to biodynamic cultivation.

Our olive oil grove is located in the small village of Krya south of the town of Sitia in east Crete. The area of Sitia offers an ideal microclimate for the production of quality olive oil. That is why, the European Union included the area in the system of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) to protect and promote this particular olive oil.

Our target is not to produce a large quantity of olive oil but to offer a gourmet product which is so rich in anti-oxidants and other hygienic properties.

This olive oil has a unique, rich, fruity aroma capturing the scent of the wild herbs nearby.

At Lantzanakis estate we celebrate life, family, friends, natural food and good health.

Limited Reserved Gourmet Olive Oil

Certified by DIO in accordance with Reg. ( EC ) 834/2007 and USDA/NOP

DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) certified by Agrocert

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